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"Like a mysterious journey, my paintings are likewise about questioning meaning and reflection, while creating and finding form."

Mayo Bucher 2018

Starting his first major projects in 2000, ever since Mayo Bucher  has been exploring and working on the intersection of fine art towards architecture. 

Collaborating or commissioned by some outstanding architects and clients.


This body of work (particularly Collages) is an ongoing laboratory of ideas.

Mayo started his first Collages in the late 80'es and has ever since been practicing this genre excessively.

in 2015 collaboration with architectural photographer Leonardo Finotti, realizing THE LAMA PROJECT (Latin American Modern Architecture) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Along with a monumental intervention on the façade of the city’s highest skyscraper (180m for 4 months), there was an exhibition on the 37th floor showing 12 large-scaled collages on aluminum of neighborhood high-risers by brazilian modernist architects from 1950-1970.

Since 1997 ongoing contribution of painterly work for CD-Covers by numerous ECM artists.

Edition of Contemporary Music.

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